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Luxury residential aged care facilities & senior’s living

A history of the highest standards

Provectus Care draws on its proud sixty year history of managing premium aged care and senior living facilities across Australia to deliver the highest level of expertise and specialist care for our residents while maintaining a level of luxurious, high-quality lifestyle second to none.

Luxury Residences

Each of the Provectus Care residences are designed to provide modern and sophisticated living in a beautiful, engaging and stimulating environment to ensure that our residents enjoy the highest quality of living.

Strongest connections

Our facilities give rise to the extraordinary proven benefits for our older people living in a social, vibrant community that encourages and fosters strong friendships and family connections.

Happiness — An everyday event

Our foremost priority is the physical and mental well-being of each of our residents, which is evidenced in the unprecedented levels of satisfaction and happiness our residents report experiencing while living in a Provectus Care residence.

Caring dedicated team delivering the highest standards of care

Our first class facilities are matched by an unrivalled team of dedicated professionals who make living at our residences special. Our facilities management teams, nursing staff, program co-ordinators and support staff are chosen for their compassionate, warm approaches as well as their skills. Our stringent codes of conduct and care practices ensure delivery of the highest standards of care.

World-class resources

Our residents have access to an extensive range of person-directed care specifically tailored to each individual’s needs, together with a comprehensive array of communal or individual activities that engender social interaction, mental stimulation and physical engagement.

Provectus in Asia

In recent years, Provectus Care has expanded its expertise in the development, management and operation of luxury residential aged care facilities into Asia, notably China. It has had success in deploying its expertise into the Chinese market by partnering with reputable local entities to co-develop boutique facilities and implement best practice international standards and service quality in China.

Multi-award winning facilities

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