Retirement By Moran

“The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water and food”

Dean Ornish

Retirement by Moran provides a range of premium accommodation options that have been designed to provide the highest standards of independent living with the greatest level of personal well-being and happiness.

The most important priority for people as they get older is to maintain an independent lifestyle for the longest possible time. Living in an environment that provides extensive health and wellbeing options, connecting with like-minded people in a social and stimulating community, having all of your maintenance issues looked after, feeling safe and secure with full peace of mind about leaving your home for short trips or long holidays, and knowing that there is an extensive range of assisted care services available if and when they should be needed by yourself or a loved one; these are the factors that are the most important in having a happy and fulfilled life.

We understand that everyone has different requirements and preferences as to how they wish to enjoy their later years and we are committed to providing our Resident’s with flexible and varied choices that enable them to achieve their desired, highest quality, lifestyle, and to maintain their independence in a supportive and secure, low-maintenance setting.

Enjoy your retirement years the way you want to, in a luxurious and private environment that inspires an active, meaningful and socially engaged life.

Our Premium Retirement Living Residences